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Yeah, full service! Some companies claim to manage your Cloud-based assets. But they don’t, not in any meaningful way. Bee VM does log analysis. We do performance monitoring. We can provide a security dashboard. Our automation does more than babysit your servers, it provides system administration services, set up by real system administrators with decades of experience. Our competition can’t make the same claim.

Why Choose Us?

Not only does Bee VM have a wealth of real world system administration experience, our automation skills and Agile methodology allow us to adapt quickly to client needs. Automation means we do things once, we do it smarter than our competition, and you reap the benefits. Agile means that we react quickly to new market demands. And as a provider that embraces Open Source, our services are far more realistic in both price and scope than our competition.

Our Services

Offering full service cloud system administration for your business! Yes, full service!






Main Course

Yearly subscription of full server care and monitoring, with 25 remote consultation hours per server for non-routine services:

£2,750 per server, or £2,500 per server for 5 to 20 servers, or £2,250 per server for 21+ servers.
Additional consultation hours are billed at £75 an hour thereafter.

Cloud consultation services or educational courses:

£700 per day plus travel and lodging costs as appropriate.

Virtual world consultation services:

£700 per day.

A La Carte

On a case-by-case basis, our experts can be retained for the following expert advisory services, outside of the context of our normal Cloud services:

● System Security
● System Performance
● System Testing
● Infrastructure Design
● Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
● Project Leadership
● Agile Scrummaster Services

Prices for these services are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

All prices are prior to acceptable VAT and/or local tax on services.

Cloud Partnerships

Most Cloud providers prefer to offer a standard suite of services, on an ‘as-is’ basis. They provide the palette and their clients paint whatever they like.

When it comes to support, most Cloud providers prefer to deal with the nuts and bolts of the infrastructure rather than whatever software is installed upon it. However clients often ask for a deeper level of support. Security, performance, and general system administration concerns are common queries.

The Cloud provider could ask their clients to turn to the current generation of partial-service administration companies. However they offer very few options in terms of security and performance monitoring, and often rely heavily on manual processes that cost their clients more time and money.

Or, the Cloud provider could partner with a full-service Cloud administration company… Bee VM. This will allow both the provider and their clients to harness the power of their platform

Click the link below to visit the site of one of our current partnerships connect-telecom

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    Bee VM builds automated rollout, monitoring, and maintenance scripts customized for the operating systems and hypervisors used by the Cloud provider.

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    We establish performance standards specific to the various tiers offered by the Cloud provider, so as to give accurate baselines and recommendations to clients.

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    Bee VM creates custom status, security, and performance dashboards that can integrate with the Cloud provider’s current existing reporting tools.

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    We can synchronize with the Cloud provider’s support system, taking direct handoffs of issues upon receiving the client’s consent to use Bee VM’s services.

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    All of this in addition to serving our shared clients’ day-to-day Cloud administration needs.


Bee VM has a simple philosophy: If you can demonstrate that you can do the job and work with the rest of our team, there should be no barriers.

Experience is great… if skills and teamwork go hand in hand with that experience.

Certifications are great… if actual knowledge is on display, rather than passing by wrote memorization.

At Bee VM, we will test the hard and soft skills of our interviewees during the interview process. The results of those tests are all that matters. This means that a skilled hobbiest of 10 years could, in theory, beat out an industry professional who has just coasted along for 10 years. A university graduate who has thrown themselves into automation could beat out someone with a dozen certifications.

In short, we hire people with the best skills, not people with the best laurels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What are your billing terms?

    Bee VM uses the standards set out by Gov.UK: 30 day payable, late penalty of BoE base rate plus 8%.

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    What forms of payment do you accept?

    Bank transfer only. As a service based industry, PayPal and Credit chargebacks are too high of a risk.

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    Do you have phone details?

    Absolutely, please use the contact form on this page to request them. Let us know if it is a sales or an executive inquiry.

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